Hi! My name is Matt, and I play Dungeons & Dragons.


I’ve been teaching high school math since 2012, and started playing D&D in 2015. For the past few years, I’ve organized a D&D club at the school I teach at, and it always seems to be growing!

I don’t get enough time to plan and run a D&D campaign as a DM, but I do enjoy the creative elements of what a DM can do. I have started collaborating with my students on custom monsters, and with their permission, I am sharing them here so everyone can use them! It’s wonderful to see what new teenage players come up with. For the most part, I ask them a bunch of questions about their monsters, let them handle the creative aspects, and I make the stat blocks for them (the math-y stuff).

I will add a slight addendum to the previous paragraph: in addition to students creating monsters, my eldest child also creates monsters! You’ll see some of theirs on here, too.